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Anti-Blue Light Computer/Reading Glasses:

When working on your computer for lengths of time, it is recommended to wear anti-blue light reading glasses rather than your progressive glasses. These are regular reading glasses designed for people who work in front of screens (including reading on a Kindle, or playing games on a phone for extended periods of time.)

The difference with these ‘Tilly Eyes Computer/Reading Glasses’ is that they have an anti-blue light filter in the lens that cuts out any damage to your eyes caused by long exposure to screens.

These are called Single Vision lenses as the reading glass strength is the same through the whole lens (unlike my progressive lenses which have a reading glass strength at the bottom part of the lens and just clear through the straight ahead part and distance part).

Any of our Tilly Eyes frames can be ordered in a reading glass strength with the blue-light filter so head to the 'Contact Us' tab and let me know what frame and what strength you want and specify 'Blue Light' and it's that easy- I do the rest.