How To Order

It is so easy! 

Shop Progressive glasses:  Just choose the same strength of TillyEyes as your current reading glasses. If you haven’t worn reading glasses before, we suggest you start with the lowest magnification of a +1.0.  Alternatively, you could go to a pharmacy that stocks reading glasses and work out which magnification works for your eyes.

Shop Progressive Sunglasses:  What a relief to be able to sit outside in the sun wearing your progressive TillyEyes sunglasses! Whether you are at your favourite café talking to friends, reading the menu or showing off the latest photos of your grandchildren, there is no need to switch back and forth from reading glasses to sunglasses.  Just one pair of TillyEyes sunglasses will make life much simpler and hassle-free. Just order the same reading glass strength for your wonderful TillyEyes sunglasses.

The hardest part is to decide which of the stylish frames to order!

Please use the 'Contact Us' tab and email me with any questions as I am more than happy to discuss glasses with you.  I know it's something that you wear every day so you want them to be right and so do I so let's talk:)