Helpful Tips

Get the most out of your progressive glasses:

  1. It takes time to adjust to progressive lenses. The more consistently you wear them, the faster your eyes will adapt.

  2. Wear your glasses all the time for at least 2 weeks. This is important. It will take time for your brain to unlearn what it has been doing for a lifetime.

  3. Tilt your head up and down to look through different sections of your glasses. The lower part of your lens is for reading and straight ahead is for distance. Tilting your head, rather than just moving your eyes, will prevent your eyes from becoming tired. Doing this takes practise but it will soon become second nature.

  4. During the initial 2 week period, you may feel dizzy or nauseated from looking through the wrong section of the lens but this is normal. It will go away as you adjust.

  5. There may be some distortion of your peripheral vision at the beginning but this will disappear as you adapt.


Be patient as your brain and eyes adjust to your Tilly Eyes glasses.