Shop Progressive glasses and sunglasses

Shop Progressive glasses:  Just choose the strength of TillyEyes glasses by the same strength of reading glasses that you currently wear.  If you haven’t worn reading glasses before, I suggest you start with the lowest magnification of a +1.0  or go to a pharmacy that stocks reading glasses and work out which magnification works for your eyes.  Progressive glasses are graduated with a clear lens when looking straight ahead but when you look down to read something, it will be your reading glass part of the lens that you are looking through.  Back in the day, the older people used to have bifocal glasses with little half moons but the 2023 progressive glasses have no lines but work on the same principle.  All progressive glasses are $189.99

Shop Progressive Sunglasses:  What a relief to be able to sit outside in the sun, (wearing my progressive TillyEyes sunglasses) at my favourite café and talk to my friends, read the menu and show off the latest photos of the grandchildren on my phone with no need to switch back and forth from my reading glasses to my sunglasses.  Now I can wear just one pair of my TillyEyes sunglasses and that has made life much simpler and hassle-free. Progressive sunglasses are $209.99