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Who is ‘TillyEyes’

Philippa Field - Tilly Eyes Founder

Meet Philippa, the founder of TillyEyes.

I am a mother of three daughters and grandmother of 12 gorgeous grandchildren. I am not an optician but I do know how frustrating it is to be constantly trying to find my reading glasses when I'm just wanting to quickly read something up close (like a text, or a price tag or a recipe...)  

"Stylish progressive glasses can cost $900+ from optometrists which got me thinking, why can't we buy these glasses off the shelf for a much cheaper price?"

Reading glasses have always been readily available from pharmacies and many fashion stores but no one sells affordable progressive reading glasses in New Zealand and so TillyEyes was born.

Here at TillyEyes, our philosophy is to provide quality, fashionable glasses at an affordable price. This means you can have several pairs of glasses in different colours to compliment your wardrobe and it doesn't cost the earth to keep up with the latest eyewear trends.

We are now able to offer prescription glasses for a very affordable price.  You just need to provide us with your prescription and choose your frames and we can do the rest!  

 At TillyEyes, family is important.  We have named our glasses after our amazing daughters, sons-in-laws, grandchildren and other extended family members.