Shop prescription lens glasses and sunglasses

We can supply our Tilly Eyes frames with your individual prescription.  Just scan and email your prescription from your optometrist or take a photo of it and text it to me (027-4480-705) and let me know which frames you would like.  (See below for the frames that are unavailable for Prescription lenses). An eye test from an optician will cost around $30 and you are entitled to ask for your prescription much the same as you get a Dr's prescription.

Prescription lens sunglasses are also available with our Tilly Eyes frames.

Frames that aren't available for prescription lenses are: Harriet 

All other frames are available.  

Because they are individually manufactured, delivery will take around 3 weeks. 

PRICES: all these prices include the frame, lens, postage and includes an anti-reflective coating on the lens at no extra cost. 


Prescription lens glasses-  $399.99. 

Prescription lens sunglasses- add $20 

For a Polarised sunglass lens- add $50

For a transition lens- add $30 ( lens turns darker automatically when outside)

Elite lens- add $50 

Thinned lens- add $40 (for those with strong prescriptions)

Too complicated- email me and I will do a quote for you and I can also provide a quote for insurance claims.

Email with your prescription from your optometrist and your choice of frame.